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RCR 35 Series Rotary Cutters

The medium duty RCR(M)3596 and RCR(M)3510 Series Rotary Cutters provide excellent cutting performance on gently sloping or slightly contoured right-of ways, pastures, set-aside acres, or row crop fields. Their eight or ten foot cutting width, 2" to 12" cutting height and ability to cut weeds and brush up to 2" in diameter make them well suited for these applications. Both models offer Quick-Hitch adaptability with either 540rpm or 1000rpm PTO capability.

The RCR3596 Cutter Series is designed for category 1 or 2, three point, semimount, or pull-type attachment. Three-point attachment for the RCR3596 requires a 50-120 hp tractor, while the semi-mount or pull-type requires a 30-120 hp tractor. The RCR3510 Series is designed for category 2 or 3 three point, semi-mount, or pull type attachment with the lift type requiring 60 hp - 120 hp input and the pull-type or semi-mount requiring 50 hp - 120 hp input.

Heavy-duty stump jumpers, main driveline clutches, and outboard flex couplers are offered for driveline and gearbox protection. Safety guards around the cutter are offered in either chain or rubber.







RB 35 Series Rear Blades


Land Pride’s RB35 Series Rear Blade is built tough from the ground up for applications ranging from

landscaping, construction, snow removal, feedlot cleaning and all-around farm use. Available options include

single hydraulic gauge wheel, side plates for holding dirt in and skid shoes for blade protection.






LR 35 Series Landscape Rakes

The LR35 Series Landscape Rakes are designed and built by Land Pride to perform final soil surface preparation and reshaping soil and/or aggregate profile. LR35 Series are offered in 7 ft. and 8 ft. working widths with category 1 and 2 three-point hitch for mounting to compact tractors in the 30-65 hp range. The LR35 has 9 forward angles and 5 reverse angles as well as individually replaceable teeth. Offset manually or hydraulically 45 degrees left or right. A retractable parking stand keeps the frame off the ground and makes hook-up easier. The 35 Series frame is Rear Blade adaptable and features a beefy turntable housing to handle heavy loads. Optional single or dual gauge wheels and an optional flip-down grader blade are also available.





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